Themes of pop culture, mental health and loss of innocence blend with the techniques of the old masters in the work of Michelle Marks. Taking notes from the predecessors of “Pop Surrealism” and “Low Brow”, her work falls somewhere in the valley between high and low art. 

Marks’ vocabulary ranges from cute to sexualized to cryptic. Drawing the viewer in with a nauseating candy sweet palette, her work in both painting and sculpture dances the line between cultural kitsch, the archetype of the disturbing and the impermanence of childhood innocence. In the world of Marks, large eyed cherubs contemplate life on Mars, little green men are indeed real, David Bowie still lives, and the mentally ill bask in a cerebral epiphany all while an err of disquiet threatens to consume the whole affair.

Michelle Marks received a Drawing & Painting BFA accompanied by a Bio-medical Rendering License in 2010 from California State University, Long Beach. 

Michelle Marks currently lives and works in Long Beach, California.